Saturday, 30 May 2009

Document this day - Saturday 30th May 2009 - the day The Script's new video for their song Before The Worst was shown on T4! No there was no more Perez Hilton appearances like Talk You Down, no black and white effect like Break Even just a whole lot of hottness on Danny's part. Personally, I think it's amazing, as per usual. Talking about amazing, anyone see Britain's Got Talent?! Diversity came first, Susan Boyle second & Julian Smith third. I was so shocked when Diversity beat Susan Boyle. The Susan Boyle. I was disappointed that Aidan Davis didn't get through. He was amazing. But theres no denying that Diversity were amazing! I'm just so glad Hollie Steel didn't get into the top three. Aw, no more Shaun Smith. ): haha. You should youtube 'Diversity' and prepare to be amazed! Well, I'm going now. XOXO

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