Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Yes, I had to put a picture of Danny O'Donoghue there, I'd feel like a traitor if I didn't. Besides, I think that picture is amazing, and not just because Danny is in it. BTW, if you don't know who Danny O'Donoghue is (I'm ashamed) he's lead singer of The Script. The irish band I'm obsessed with. Yeah, well today is Wednesday, I love Wednesdays, the reason for this can be put into two words: Gossip Girl. Love that show. Love the clothes. Love the Chace Crawford. Love the everything. It's even made me want to visit New York even more. And then to top it all off, Desperate Housewives is on tonight as well. But I don't think it's half as good as Gossip Girl - especially since they killed off Edie. I love the things Blair, and Chuck say. Also, when Holly googled it in school she found 'Chuck Bass Language' - hilarious. Now we keep saying 'Mother Chucker' and 'Basshole' haha. Good times. Well, at the moment I really need more money. How is a measly £20 going to buy me a Chanel 2.55 bag, a Burberry trench coat, black Rayban Wayfarers, Miss Dior Cherie and Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix?! It's impossible. At least on Friday I get some more money from my paper round. I think I'm going to start to save up for a certain item. Oh yeah, I also need a new laptop, I'm on the computer right now, but last night I was eating cereal and spilt milk on it. Now it's basically impossible to type the letters 'D' and 'E' and maybe some more. Which is so convenient since my name begins with D! I'm feeling really inspired from a polyvore set made by parkereloise - it has pictures from the Miss Dior Cherie ad, and pretty dresses. It makes me want to go to Paris, bake some cakes and ride a bike (whilst in Paris). Oh, today I bought July's edition of Elle. July's edition being sold in May? I know, it confuses me too. I got a free 'I Love Urban Outfitters' bag. And I'm pretty excited since in August's edition you get a free Paul & Joe top. I really want some white plimsolls at the moment. And I want to go to Topshop, but since this pathetic exscuse of a town has only got two - possibly three - decent shops I have to pay a £4 bus fare to get to Topshop and all of the other decent shops. Life is hard sometimes. I can't wait until July. 1.) On the 21st, we get out of school. 2.) Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince is out in cinemas. (I'm going through a mild HP obsession right now) and 3.) T4 on the Beach. I don't have tickets, but since it's in Weston-Super-Mare, my mum said she'll take me up there to show me where I previously lived and to see if we can hear the music. I wish I'd bought tickets though. It rained today, for some reason I enjoyed the dark sky and the wet ground. I've been craving it lately. I feel so emo! But we all know I'm not an emo, so we can just throw that thought away, yes? But now I sort of want the sun to come out. I'm hoping I'll get a tan soon.

Well, I think I'm going to go and watch Gossip Girl now, even though I know something about what happens, as Holly texted me saying 'OMG Blair expelled' or something. lol. Night people. XOXO

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