Thursday, 28 May 2009

This picture is one of the many I've been seeing lately to do with New Moon - the sequel to Twilight - it makes me so excited! I want November to come. Even though I'm not as Twilight-obsessed as I previously was, show me Robert Pattinson topless and I will quite happily jump back onto the bandwagon! Also, who is so jealous of Kristen here? God, she's getting paid to lock lips with Rpattz! The Robert Pattinson! Did you hear about him auctioning off kisses? No fair, why did it have to be in Cannes?! ): Anyway, I convinced my mum to let me go to Exeter this weekend, I'm not sure when I'm going, but at least I'm going! I want some plimsolls. I'm thinking from New Look, or Topshop? Maybe some more jeans, and tops too. But I'll only have about £30, so I can hardly buy loads. I'm annoyed too, but I can't say what about on here. Well, I'm going to go soon. Well, now. BTW, I'm currently obsessed with the song 'All In My Head' by Nick Lachey. Youtube it. XOXO

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